Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) in Turkey

What is Rhinoplasty (nose job)?

Rhinoplasty is an operation that is performed to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the nose and consequently the whole face, respecting the proportions and making it look more harmonious. At the same time, breathing problems connected to the nose can be corrected.

The modern concept of rhinoplasty differs greatly from the interventions performed in the past. In the past the surgeries consisted of a general reduction, often exaggerated, of the nose holding structure. Today the art of rhinoplasty stands above all in respecting the functional integrity of the organ (nasal breathing) and at the same time aesthetically improving it.

The very central position of the nose in the whole physiognomy of the face as well as its small dimensions make nose surgery one of the most complicated in the field of cosmetic surgery. For this reason, this delicate surgical intervention needs to be done by expert surgeons. If it is not done properly the damages are difficult to repair. For this reason we want to assure you that the surgeons at our clinic in Turkey are longtime experts, providing successful results.

Often nose deformations can be permanent, obvious and difficult to cover up. In case they are accompanied and with breathing difficulties (deviated septum as a result of trauma or born deviation) it is advisable to fix the deviation by means of rhino-septoplasty interventions which consists in the correction of the aesthetic and functional element of the nose.

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    What do we need to know about the intervention?

    Pre-operative examinations are performed before the intervention (hemochrome and blood group, blood coagulation tests, biochemical tests, viral tests, pregnancy test, urine analysis, visits to the cardiologist and ECG of the heart, visits to the anesthesiologist, etc.).

    Istanbul Care applies general anesthesia, which keeps blood pressure lowered, minimizing bleeding and scars. It also reduces to a maximum the risk of vomiting and dizziness, while making the surgery safe and more commode for the patient. These are optimal conditions for the surgeon too.

    Details on the surgery:

    • Lasts 40 – 90 minutes.
    • One night stay at the hospital.
    • No pain or mild and bearable.
    • Small bruises and swelling around the eyes that gradually go away within 5-10 days.
    • Tampons are kept for 3-5 days (our clinic in Turkey uses the latest generation of tampons which allow breathing even immediately after surgery).
    • Keeping plastic support for 7-10 days.
    • Steristrips are held for 3-5 days (thin adhesive that is placed after removing the plastic support).
    • Recovery period is fast, with gradual recovery of the nose look, the final result is to be seen 6-10 months after surgery.

    Postoperative tips:

    • The use of antibiotics is done up to 5 days after surgery.
    • Use ice on the operation area for 10 minutes every 1-2 hours.
    • Wash the inside with suggested chirurgical water using tampons, from the first day until next 3-4 weeks.
    • Massage the area to relieve the nose swell after removing the plastic support.
    • Glasses (optical or sunglasses) can now be placed after surgery by relying on plastic support. Once the latter is removed, you can place the glasses, but by applying over a small cardboard up to 1 month after surgery. Later the glasses can be freely held.
    • Use of sunscreen with SPF factor: 50.
    • Resumption and physical activities (gym, sports) one month after surgery.
    • Re-checks with the staff of our clinic in Turkey according to the aftercare protocol.

    Types of Rhinoplasty:

    There are three types of correction used for nose surgery:

    Standard rhinoplasty: Correction of the bridge, nose tip, and nostrils. In other words, full nose correction.

    Septorhinoplasty: Full nose correction + fixing of nasal septum deviation (especially for patients with breathing problems).

    Rhino-tip: The tip and nostrils are corrected.

    Incisions: Based on the patient’s needs the incisions are made inside or outside of the nose. As for the open surgery technique incisions are made outside the nose. Whereas for the closed surgery technique incisions are made inside the nose.

    Reshaping the nose: The reshaping process differs from among the patients. Based on the needs of the patient, the nose bone is re-positioned or the cartilage is re-shaped. Lastly, the skin on the top of the nose is given the new shape of the nose.

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    Nose Surgery Recovery in Turkey:

    Rhinoplasty surgery recovery is slow and needs attention. After the nose job surgery in Turkey, depending on the rhinoplasty technique used you wake up with a nasal splint put over your nose and a nasal tampon inside it. The tampon can usually be removed after two days while the nasal splints after 1 week.

    During the first days after the nose job, you may have mild pain. During the early recovery possible bruises and swelling are common. They will mostly go away in the first month. It will take more or less 1 year to fully recover after rhinoplasty surgery in Turkey

    Nose Surgery Results in Turkey

    Rhinoplasty results take some time. This is because the tissue needs a good amount of time to adapt with the new shape of the nasal bone. Right after a nose job in Turkey most likely you will feel or see no difference compared to before. The nose continues improving its shape for a year after rhinoplasty. When the swelling starts going down, the patient is able to notice the nose being smaller, symmetrical and the hump is gone.

    With nose surgery in Turkey you get:

    • improved face proportions
    • better self-esteem and confidence
    • the ability to breathe easily

    After the nose surgery is life changing for the patients as their new look will help them regain their self-confidence. After a month from the surgery the first results can be seen. Satisfaction for the new face proportion goes hand in hand with the recovery. The more careful you are during the recovery period, the better results you get and the more satisfied you become.

    With highly qualified rhinoplasty surgeons, our clinic will give you the best rhinoplasty results in Turkey.

    Rhinoplasty (nose job) in Turkey

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